FAQ – Can You Clean Gutters on Unit Blocks & Commercial Buildings?


Gutter cleaning is a vital component of every building maintenance schedule. Removing leaves, twigs and other debris needs to be done before every storm season to allow rain optimal chance to flow freely to the stormwater drains, rather than back up into the roof.

Gutter vacuum on a high building

Gutter vacuum on a high building

The Possum Man team provides gutter cleaning Brisbane for domestic, commercial and strata title properties. We clean all types of gutters from single-level buildings up to the highest multi-level properties and are happy to work with tenants, home owner, body corporate and property managers.

We take safety seriously, which is why every commercial property gutter cleaning includes an initial risk assessment on each visit at each site.

Our team have been fully trained and are qualified to work safely at heights and on elevated work platforms. All our staff are qualified, experienced and are comprehensively trained in the use of safety equipment including harnesses.

Some rooftops are too high to safely access via traditional ladders. Our team are also trained and experienced in using cherry pickers, elevated work platforms (EWP’s) and scaffolding for areas where ladder access is not safe to do a gutter vac.

Our goal is to minimise disruption to tenants, residents, owners and visitors, while delivering a high quality clean of your gutters and downpipes.

When vacuuming gutters, with our high powered equipment, waste can either be removed or if preferred left onsite for composting.

We can also provide an assessment on the integrity and quality of your downpipes and guttering after each clean – alerting you to potential problems including rust, guttering coming away from the roofline, and cracked or lifting tiles. This helps you to deal with small problems before they become large issues.

We also understand the importance of accurate quoting and speedy invoicing for body corporates, rentals and strata titles. Our sophisticated database tracks every job and helps us to answer any question you may have. With the Possum Man looking after your gutter cleaning, we guarantee no surprises with fixed price quotes and speedy, efficient invoicing.