Birds FAQs

How do you remove Starlings, Indian Myna & Sparrows from a roof?

We find their entry holes and remove any nests and young, do a localised spray for lice and then repair the entry points to prevent them returning. We will provide a quote for the bird removal work, for you to approve before we begin. When their nesting holes are closed off, they usually leave the property.

If the birds are roosting or nesting on top of a roof or around a commercial premises we remove the nests and close off any overhang areas. We can also install high quality bird spikes and bird netting where required for effective bird control.

How do you treat bird lice?

We remove the nest material and block off entry holes but also spray the area and nearby surfaces with chemicals that have a long term insecticidal effect.

What do bird lice look like?

The are almost impossible to see without a magnifying glass. They look like small pink or brown tiny spiders, smaller than a pinhead. Their bites are small red spots the size of a pinhead and are often found inside underwear or armpits.

I can see the insects biting me. Are they bird lice?

If you can see small midges flying about they are almost certainly NOT bird lice. It is often hard to identify the cause of mysterious bites. The reasons include midges, sand flies and allergies. Consider the inflammation may be from bites that occurred at another property (eg a BBQ at a friends house) or an allergic reaction from touching several types of native plants. Some people are allergic to grevillea plants or sap from mango and paw paw trees. Just brushing against a plant can produce a “spotty” rash that is very itchy. Bird lice bites are usually distinct pinhead size spots of red and quite small (until scratched!)If most bites are on hands, face, arms or other exposed areas it is probably NOT birds lice. Birds lice bites do not produce visible blood spots, unless scratched.

Are bird lice the same as bed lice?

No. Bed lice, sometimes picked up during hotel stays, are a much more serious problem requiring thorough action by a pest controller experienced in their eradication. The tell tale sign is usually tiny spots of blood found on bedsheets.

Duck Stuck In a Chimney

Duck Stuck In a Chimney