Wasps FAQs

How do you remove Brisbane wasps?

We use a chemical treatment to eradicate them and then do wasp nest removal.

Do you do wasp removal from high trees?

If you have a large wasp nest high up in a tree we can inspect and quote to eradicate the wasps and remove the nest. We have experience using height access equipment so can also organise this if it will be required to reach the wasps.

When are wasps a problem in Brisbane?

We get most reports of wasp nest issues during the warmer months, wasps will often ‘hibernate’ over winter and then emerge and start a new nest in Spring. They build all through summer and if not removed by the next winter, we then start getting called out to some massive dangerous wasps nests. The longer a nest is left the more they will breed and then the bigger the problem will be the next summer.

Will the wasps come back again?

The wasps are eradicated so will not return but we offer a 3 month service free period to ensure that all wasps from those nests have been removed.

Large Paper Wasp Nest

Large Paper Wasp Nest