MSDS Information Sheets

SDS (MSDS) Sheets and Chemical Product Information

The Safety data sheets (formerly called MSDS sheets and now called SDS) and the label information for each chemical we use is provided by the manufacturers of the products; these documents are prepared as part of the process that registers each product for legal use for specific purposes.

We attach them here to provide full information about the chemicals that we use; some of the chemicals on the list are rarely used but are included to ensure the list is comprehensive.

Please note you can always call our office to discuss any concerns.


This is the direct POISONS line and they provide advice in urgent situations.

For suspected ANIMAL poisoning, the best action is to take the animal immediately to a vet; all the rodent baits that we use require the vet to administer vitamin K as an antidote, keeping the animal quiet and rested with minimal activity. However, it is very unusual for cats or dogs to get sick from eating poisoned rats and mice. The cat or dog would usually have to eat the whole carcass of one or more poisoned rodents before they would intake sufficient poison to cause a problem for the cat or dog because they are much larger animals.

Note: we try to keep this page up to date but to be certain you have the latest version, you can obtain the name of the manufacturer from the MSDS here and then go to the manufacturers own website where they will always display the latest information available.

SDS (MSDS) Sheets and Chemical Product Information

Name Description MSDS/SDS LABEL
Alphachlorolose Bird Hallucinogen Alphachloralose SDS Mrch2019 Alphachlorolose label
Avifix Adhesive for bird spikes Avifix SDS Adhesvie Feb2019 AVIFIX (ADH006)-LABEL
Biflex Insecticide Powder Biflex AquaMax SDS Aug2016 Biflex AquaMax Label
Contrac (Blocks) Rodent Bait blocks Contrac Blox SDS Dec2016 Contrac Blox Label
Ditrac (Blocks) Rodent Bait blocks Ditrac Blocks SDS Dec2016 Ditrac Blox Label
Dragnet Insecticide Powder Dragnet_dust SDS Aug2016 Dragnet_dust Label
Earthcare Odour Bags Odour Remover Bags
Earthcare SDS Current2020 EarthCareOdorRemover Label
Generation One Rodent Bait blocks(blue) Generation Block SDS oct16 Generation Block Label
Permethrin D Powder for bees & wasps Permethrin D Barmac SDS Dec16 Permethrin D Label
Ramik Green Rodent bait pellets RAMIK Green SDS Apr2016 Ramik Green Bait Label
Racumin Paste Rodenticide Paste Racumin Paste SDS June2016 Racumin paste Label
Sikaflex 11FC Insecticide Powder Sikaflex 11FC SDS June2019 SIKAFLEX 11FC label
Starrdust Single-feed rodenticide StarrdustPRO SDS Dec2016 StarrdustPRO Label