What to Tell a Tenant if they Report a Brush Turkey

What we recommend you tell a tenant if they report a … Brush Turkey Problem

The Property Manager will contact the owner to get the approval for a licensed brush turkey removalist to relocate it for you ASAP, but in the meantime…

  • Is the turkey mounding / making a nest (that looks like a compost heap)? Is the mound in your garden? Does the turkey have a large yellow patch on its throat (is it a male)?
  • Are there any more turkeys around?
  • The turkey removalist will use the mound to catch the bird so don’t touch the nest or harass the bird. If the mound is removed it takes a lot longer to catch the bird.
  • The serviceman will contact you to arrange a time to set the cage. Someone is required to be home while the cage is set to monitor and call the serviceman once the turkey has gone into the cage. They will also explain how to set and deactivate the cage if you have to leave the property.
  • When the turkey has gone the mound material needs to be removed or at least spread out ASAP. It is best to get rid of any leaf litter or rubbish so there is nothing left around to encourage a new turkey to move in.
  • If the tenant cannot remove the mound, a gardener needs to be called to remove it as leaving it will just encourage another turkey to continue the nest building.
  • Once the male who is making the nest is removed, the females generally move on looking for another nest.


  • We can set a cage and relocate the Brush Turkey, the cage will be set for up to two weeks, but we do charge with or without results.
  • Brush Turkeys are native and cannot be harmed. Our Serviceman hold the appropriate wildlife permit that allow them to relocate the birds to suitable bush land.