What to tell a tenant if they report a Bee or Wasp Problem

The Property Manager will contact Peter the Possum & Bird Man, a licensed pest controller to inspect ASAP, but in the meantime…

Establish whether the problem is bees or wasps and where the problem is.

Bee Removal:

    • Don’t attempt to treat the bees yourself. Bees can become very aggressive when they feel threatened.
    • Keep away from area, including pets, in case anyone is allergic to bee stings. Shut windows and advise residents to wear shoes as they could be stung by standing on a bee.
    • European honeybees are an introduced species and compete with our native bees. Being feral, they can be eradicated
    • When did you notice them ie. only just recently or have they been there quite some time? Over winter or have just arrived
    • A recently arrived swarm may just be resting while scouts search for a suitable location and can move on within 48 hours
    • Are they a swarm on a wall or in a shrub or are they are going into a cavity in a wall via weep holes or cracks
    • Can you hear any noise like a hum when you put your ear to the internal wall?
    • A serviceman from Peter the Possum Man will be in touch to arrange a time to treat.

Wasp Removal:

  • Advise to keep away from nest to avoid being stung.
  • Don’t attempt to treat them yourself. Wasps can sting multiple times so need to be treated carefully by a trained pest controller.
  • Where are they? Going into roof cavity, under eave, on window or on foliage in garden?
  • What does the nest look like – is it mud like, is it round and large or is it long and honeycomb-like?
  • Keep your distance and the serviceman will get there ASAP to remove them.

Our services for Bee and Wasp Removal:

Our licensed servicemen can eradicate bees or wasps, and also remove the nest if possible, for this we would usually quote between $198 – $297 inc. GST

A free quote will be provided if the nest is very large or high up and we can’t treat on the spot.

Honey bees in wall