What to Tell a Tenant if they report a Possum

The Property Manager will contact Peter the Possum & Bird Man, a licensed possum remover in Brisbane A.S.A.P. if it’s inside the roof or house, but in the meantime…

Is it inside the house?

  • If sleeping in house, leave possum alone, open a window or door, so that it can leave at dusk; or PM can arrange Peter the Possum Man to do a hand catch or set a possum trap.
  • If no screens on doors or windows try to keep closed if possible. o Don’t leave fruit or food on kitchen bench or area to attract possums into the house. o Don’t leave pet food out in house when not being eaten.

Is it in the roof?

  • Listen to determine when noises being heard – ie dusk and dawn. o What type of noises being heard… loud footsteps, walking, hissing o Don’t place rodent baits in roof as possums will eat baits and die in roof (stink!). Peter the Possum Man will require access to the property to do a quote and then to do repairs on behalf of the owner.

Are they trapped inside the roof? (For example, after a renovation)

  • If occupant hears possum noises all through the night, possum probably trapped. Possum traps will need to be set in roof, usually through manhole and left overnight.
  • Serviceman will require access into the house several times, over 2-3 days to set cages and then remove possum.

Is it outside?

  • It is illegal to relocate possums. By law when caught, they must be released within 25 metres. o Trim trees away from roof line by at least one metre and preferably 2 metres.
  • Cover your veggie patches with a net or strong mesh, if possible o Clean and hose off area where possum may be nesting to remove scent and wee.
  • Place moth balls in secure containers where possums are nesting on verandah or areas that cannot be proofed. o Don’t leave cat and dog food outside at night

Our services for Possum Removal in Brisbane

By law possums cannot be relocated so we must find and seal off all entry holes before we catch them and let them go nearby. Because this requires building repairs, we must do an inspection before we can provide a quotation.

Possum removal and repairs to entry points (proofing) – Free* visit and quote

Hand catch of possum inside rooms of building and release nearby – $198 inc. GST

House under major renovation: it’s best to wait until work nearly complete.

Possum Boxes – We supply and install possum boxes