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POSSUMS: Our servicemen will inspect your property and find out how the possums are getting into your home. We then provide a free* quote to close the entry points, use possum traps and remove the possums from the roof. We also give a 12 month warranty that the possums are effectively excluded to ensure we have solved the problem.

RATS: Our licensed servicemen will inspect the property and lay professional grade baits to get rid of the rats Brisbane from your home. We will also inspect the property and make recommendations for long term rat control solutions and give a 3 month warranty on our rat treatments to ensure they are effective.

MICE: We are experienced in mice removal and can lay professional baits to get rid mice from your home in a safe and effective manner with a 3 month warranty.

BRUSH TURKEYS: Our servicemen work under our wildlife permit which allows us to cage and relocate brush turkeys. We set the cage on the brush turkey mound and relocate the scrub turkey from your garden to suitable bushland some distance away.

BEES: European honey bees are important for agriculture but when they escape from managed bee hives they become a pest that competes with our native wildlife. When bees move into house walls we eradicate the bee swarm and give a warranty to ensure the work is effective. We can also do outside bee swarm removal and bee balls from your garden.

WASPS: Paper wasps often build their wasp nests on houses and some species can make quite large nests with hundreds of wasps that can be very dangerous. Our servicemen can eradicate the paper wasps and remove the nest with a 3 month warranty.

PIGEONS: Pigeon removal and pigeon control is a specialist and varied area of pest control. We have experience in removing feral pigeons using trapping, treatments and shooting. We then also recommend exclusion methods, called proofing, to prevent further roosting & nesting, including installing pigeon spikes and high quality pigeon netting. It is critical to select the most appropriate method for the circumatances, so we will make a site visit before preparing a quote to get rid of pigeons.

BIRDS: In Brisbane a few species of feral birds including pigeons, starlings and indian mynas often make birds nest in roofs in Spring bringing their noise, smell and lice into our houses. We can remove the birds and nests, spray for lice and bird proof the area using bird spikes or bird netting to prevent re-entry.

ROOF VACUUM: We offer a roof cleaning service to vacuum clean old dust, debris, builders rubbish, bird droppings and old insulation from your roof. Our serviceman uses a powerful industrial roof vacuum with special filters to clean the ceiling and remove the dust.

GUTTER CLEANING: In Brisbane’s leafy suburbs gutter cleaning is essential to remove leaves debris from your gutters and the valleys on the roof. We can offer a one off or regular gutter vacuum service to ensure your gutters are ready for storm season.

ROOF INSULATION: We can install quality roof insulation batts to keep your home cool in summer and warmer in winter. Our serviceman can measure your roof space and provide a free quote to install quality, effective roof insulation.

INSULATION REMOVAL: If you have old house insulation that needs to be removed our specialist can assist. We remove insulation batts and foil, and use our industrial vacuum to remove celulose fibre, foil and polyballs.

POSSUM BOXES: If you would like to provide your possum with a new home we can supply, deliver and install a possum box, or you can purchase one from our head office in Newmarket.

DEAD REMOVALS: Unfortunately possums and rats can die in houses from time to time. If you have a bad smell our servicemen can do an inspection to try to locate the problem, remove it and deodorise the area. We cannot guarantee we will be able to find it as sometimes they die in small cavities and walls that can not be reached.

CHIMNEY PROOFING: Possums and birds sometimes fall down chimneys; we can remove any trapped animals and provide a quote to secure the top of the chimney with strong mesh to prevent it happening again.

Bees On the Wall

Bees On the Wall

Bait Station For Rats

Bait Station For Rats