Problem Swooping Birds

Some birds have developed overly aggresive behaviour to people usually when nesting. Magpies are well known for swooping posties and bike riders, but other species including Butcher Birds, Magpie-Larks, Crows and Masked lapwings can also create human conflict issues. Usually this behaviour only lasts while nesting and we recommend people avoid the area and put up signs for a short while until their babies fledge the nest.

However unfortunately some birds can be particularly aggresive actually making contact with people, it is hard to know exactly why they act this way but it is thought that it is likely that a human may have been cruel to them in the past. For this reason it is very important not to aggravate the bird and to just avoid the area.

If the area cannot be left or the bird is in a place like a school there are specialist bird catchers with a specific permit to deal with these native bird issues.

Our company does not assist with the removal of swooping birds in Brisbane, so we recommend you contact an experienced specialist – Bryan Robinson on 0413 028 081
Magpies on a sports field

Magpies on a sports field