Roof Cleaning FAQs

Why do you recommend a roof cleaning?

Insulation should be laid on a clean roof to reduce the risk of dust entering the house (through ceiling vents and down lights). Cleaning also reduces the risk of allergic reactions to dust.

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What type of ceiling vacuum do you use?

We use a powerful commercial grade vacuum that has HEPA filters to remove even the really fine dust.

How do you remove cellulose fibre?

We use a specially designed commercial vacuum that has the ability to remove a large volume of heavy particles; this means it is removed safely unlike shovelling which could damage electrical wires. We have developed ways to handle the large volume of material to be removed. We recommend you take advantage of our specialist experience.

Can you vacuum inside an Asbestos roof?

Yes, we can vacuum the ceiling under a super 6 roof but not after it has been replaced. If vacuuming under a super 6 roof we also have to take the vacuum hose into the ceiling through the internal manhole as we cannot lift the roof.

Can you do a roof cleaning when there is insulation in the roof?

Not usually. To be able to vacuum a roof effectively the old insulation needs to be removed which is why we recommend vacuuming when you are getting new insulation.

How do servicemen get into the roof?

When we vacuum ceilings we usually access the roof space by temporarily removing the iron sheets or tiles to take the vacuum hose into the roof. This also ensures minimal dust goes into the house.

Can you vacuum the raked or flat verandah section of the roof?

Yes but when the roof space is narrow we would have to remove the roof sheeting to access the cavity. This would need to be taken into consideration in the pricing for the work.

How long will the roof cleaning take?

For our serviceman to complete a ceiling vacuum of an average house of 120 square meters takes about four to five hours work if there is ready access to the roof space.

Dirty Roof Cavity Before Vacuuming

Dirty Roof Cavity Before Vacuuming