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With wildlife in your home, the noise from possums, rats, or birds running around at 4am on the roof is going to be the least of your problems. Often you’ll find urine stains develop on the ceilings and find droppings everywhere. As possums and rats love to gnaw away at electrical wiring, these may also cost you thousands and may even put your family at risk of fires. If you don’t do anything about these wildlife in your home, they may cause damage to your property and become health hazards. There are many homes who encounter these problems and what they need are professional wildlife control or rat, bird and possum catchers.

Possums and birds are very persistent and once they make your house their home, they’ll continue to return and can be very cunning at finding new entries into your roof. That’s why you need skilled possum catchers in Brisbane who are specially trained not only to remove the possum problem in a safe, legal and humane way, but offer expert consultation on how you can repair your roof so it can be made into an impenetrable shield from these pests.

Peter the Possum Man in Brisbane is the Name to Trust

That’s exactly what we do at Peter the Possum Man and we back all this up with fantastic services. We have over 25 years of experience in possum removal in Brisbane and we guarantee our genuine 12 month possum proofing warranty. You can trust our service staff and professional possum catchers in Brisbane to be experts at what they do as they have wildlife permits and are fully licensed. We can help homeowners install possum boxes, cover access points on roofs to exclude possums, and we also offer tried and tested advice on how to effectively control the pests in your home. Call today for fast, effective pest and possum removal with the help of our expert possum catchers.

We Specialise in:
  • Possums – Proofing of entry points and evacuation from buildings
  • Possum Boxes – We supply possum boxes and can install if required
  • Pigeons – Pigeon treatments, shooting, trapping & proofing
  • Rodents – Rat & mice treatments, evacuation & spot proofing
  • Birds – Proofing with lice treatments, netting and removal for all birds
  • Bees – Bee evacuation from inside building and tree cavities
  • Wasps – Removal of all types of wasps and their nests
  • Dead Removal – Deceased creature search, removal and deodorising
  • Roof Vacuum – Vacuuming to remove droppings, dust and debris
  • Gutter Cleaning – To remove leaves and debris from roof valleys and gutters
  • Removing Insulation – Removal of old batts, cellulose fibre or polyball insulation
  • New Insulation – Instalation of new quality insulation batts to cool your home
  • Chimney Proofing – Wildlife removal from fireplaces and chimney tops meshed
  • Bush Turkeys – Trapping & relocating destructive male turkeys
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