What we recommend you tell a tenant if they report a Bad Smell or Dead Animal

The Property Manager will contact the owner to get approval for an inspection A.S.A.P, but in the meantime….

• Open doors and windows to ventilate the area as much as possible.
• Don’t spray air fresheners or burn incense before the serviceman arrives. This will only make it harder to locate the problem.
• A dead removal serviceman will attend A.S.A.P to inspect and make every effort to locate the source of the smell. If it is in a roof cavity with a manhole access and the source can be located, the serviceman will remove it and deodorize the area.
• If it is down a wall or in an inaccessible area, the serviceman may be able to cut a hole to remove it. Approval must be obtained from the owner before proceeding. If it is thought to be a rat, we usually wouldn’t recommend cutting a hole as the smell is usually gone within a few days.
• A dead rat will usually only smell for 3 to 5 days, whereas a possum can smell for up to 2 months. Take note as to how long the smell has been evident and whether it is increasing or not.
• If required, an odour minimizing spray can be used such as “Glen 20”, “1, 2, 3 Oust” or “Nil Odour” but this is only recommended after the serviceman’s visit.
• It is important to make yourself available to give access to the serviceman to do the inspection and advise him of any noises, recent alterations to the property (in the last month) and the behavior of any flies near the smells location.
• If the problem is a dead possum, we can provide an additional quote to seal off the entry points and remove any other live possums to prevent it from happening again. If it is a dead rat, we can lay a commercial grade bait to control the problem and reduce the chance of rats dying in the cavities.

Our service for inspection of bad smell:

Inspection and removal of dead possum or rat from ceiling cavity (with manhole access) and deodorizing the area usually – $198 – 297 inc. GST.
If we are required to cut a hole the cost is usually up to $297 inc GST.