What to tell a Tenant if they Report a Rat

The Property Manager will contact the owner to get the approval for a pest exterminator, A.S.A.P, but in the meantime…
  • Don’t place rat baits around property in an unsafe manner as other animals may take baits and also children may eat them. Pest controllers will use childproof containers.
  • Ensure all dog and cat food is stored in sealed metal containers and remove any uneaten food left in bowls.
  • Store pantry food stuffs in sealed plastic containers.
  • Avoid leaving fruit and other food on benches in kitchen area.
  • Remove all seed pods from palms trees and any that may have fallen on the ground.
  • Ensure gardens and yard areas are maintained, cut long grass and remove any rubbish; especially remove items close to the property walls.
  • Do you have birds? Maintain area around bird cages, sweeping up and removing any seeds on the ground and on bottom of cage.
  • Do you have chickens or guinea pigs? Supply their feed in special feeders so the food is contained and not thrown on the ground.
  • Do your neighbours have chickens or guinea pigs? Explain the problem to them.
  • Ensure that BBQ drip plate is well maintained and cleaned regularly (rats love BBQ grease!).
The Property manager will speak to the owner, then the pest exterminator will contact you to make a time to access the property and lay commercial grade baits in a safe manner.