Snake Problems

There are many species of snakes in Brisbane that happily live in our surrounding bushland. Carpet Pythons in particular are part of life in Brisbane and often can be seen at night slowly moving along the side of roads or in peoples backyards.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about snakes. Due to their bad stigma, many people don’t like them and human fear creates extra problems. Remember most snakes simply want to get away from you and the larger fatter snakes are usually pythons that help to control rats and mice.

Homeowners should be aware that feeding pets outside and gardens with chickens and guinea pigs will attract rodents, which in turn can attract pythons. So action like keeping a clean and tidy garden, and not leaving pet food outside, will reduce the risk of pythons visiting your garden and home.

Many houses around Brisbane get visits from pythons of which most home occupants are totally unaware.

Tree snakes and pythons are both harmless and common in Brisbane. Often if a householder calls for a snake catcher, the snake has disappeared before he arrives. So if you see a snake, we recommend you leave it alone and wait to see if it moves on; Often people that get bitten are the ones that interfere with or try to harm a snake. However, if it remains nearby or you think it is trapped inside a building, then you should call a licensed snake catcher to investigate your problem.

We recommend experienced Brisbane Snake Catcher – Bryan Robinson 0413 028 081

Bryan has contacts with a network of experienced snake catchers who use humane methods, and they should be able to assist you promptly.

Also see their website at –