Help! I have Swallows Nesting In My Property


One of the most acrobatic native birds you find in Brisbane are Welcome Swallows. These are small metallic blue-black birds with a distinctive rust red forehead, breast, and throat. They have a forked tail and spend most of their life darting and skimming through the air.

Swallows Nesting
Swallows Nesting

Swallows are voracious insect eaters and are nature’s pest controllers, chasing mosquitoes, midges, moths, and flies. They eat up to 400 per day, which makes them great to have around a home.

Nesting time for swallows is when they create problems with humans. In nature they nest on cliff edges so are happy to build their mud bird nests in and around buildings – building mud nests to lay their 4-6 eggs. From laying of the eggs to flying off is a quick 2-3 weeks, so most people choose to live with the inconvenience and enjoy nature at close quarters. Besides, stories dating back to Ancient Greek times say that it is good luck if a swallow builds a bird nest on your house, as it protects your house and all you live within it.

However, where nests are built in problem locations such as indoors, over parked cars or on top of doorways, you may need to take action and knock down the nest before any eggs are laid. Once a nest has eggs, it can’t be touched until the babies fly away.

Welcome Swallows, like most native species, are protected and cannot be harmed. For example, a company in Byron Bay was fined $9000 ($100 a bird) for attempting to stop swallows perching in their car park by painting on a sticky chemical on their roosting spots. If you are having problems with swallows, call us first and we can advise on bird removal services such as deterrent spikes, bird slide or nets to stop them roosting in or on your property. If you wish to read more about our bird removal service, we have a bird FAQ section here.