Solar Panel Proofing FAQ

Why have I got possums and pigeons under my solar panels?

Solar panels offer a great habitat for pigeons and possums. They offer safety, shelter from the elements, and a high vantage point away from predators. The space left underneath your solar panel installation is often a perfect height for unwanted visitors to nest, and once there the problems begin.

Why should I have them removed?

Once pigeons and possums call your solar panels home they will begin to make mess, either via droppings or nesting materials. Pigeon droppings are corrosive, and will increase the risk of electrolysis between the metals in the installation. Possums love to chew wires, leading to a safety hazard on your roof as well as unwanted repair bills. Nests breed insects and mites that can easily make their way down into your roof space, and loose nesting material can end up blocking gutters.

How do you proof my solar panels?

Our quality and reliable solar panel proofing method is highly effective in excluding possums and pigeons from beneath your solar panels. It consists of a stainless steel black UV coated wire mesh with UV stable nylon retainer hooks. This means excellent airflow and water flow beneath the panels to assist with optimal panel performance.

Will solar panel proofing void my warranty?

Not at all. Our solar panel proofing method has been tried and tested on many Brisbane rooftops. It is a clip based system that enables easy removal for maintenance, and as it doesn’t screw into the panel itself, there’s no warranty worries.

Will my power efficiency be reduced?

No. In much the same way as the solar panel proofing method doesn’t affect the warranty; it also doesn’t interfere with the panel’s power conversion ability. If anything, our system’s ability to eliminate possums and pigeons from your solar panels will avoid any damage they may cause and reduce future maintenance costs.