New Insulation FAQs

Can you install new insulation?

The servicemen are able to install new insulation batts into the roof once the old insulation is removed and the ceiling is clean. We offer a free inspection and quote to assess the best type of insulation that suits your requirements and fits the spaces within the cavity. We have a variety of different batts to choose from depending on your needs and budget. Our serviceman can install insulation Brisbane, Gold Coats and Sunshine Coast.

Why install insulation batts?

Insulation batts protect your home from losing heat in winter and protecting it from the sun to keep it cool in summer.

What are R ratings?

The “R” rating measures the heat resistance. The greater the “R” value the greater the resistance of the heat transfer. “R” values can range from R1.5 to R4.5. In Brisbane R3 or R3.5 are the batts commonly used.

What type of insulation do you install into ceiling spaces?

Our Serviceman would install insulation batts into your ceiling space. Polyester batts insulation is often recommended however Fibreglass or wool batts can also be installed if that is your preference, depending on our needs and budget.

Why do you recommend polyester Batts?

The polyester batts are itch free, chemical free and are safe to use. They require no protective gear to be worn when being installed. Our serviceman recommend polester insulation products as the best combination of price, effectiness and safety.

Do insulation batts encourage pests and insects?

Most types have chemical additives to discourage insects but synthetic materials like polyester are less attractive to them than edible materials like cellulose. All insulation can be used by rodents to make nests but they do not attract the rodents to the roof.

Can you give a price over the phone for insulation installation?

We can certainly give an indicative price of the cost per square metre, but to give an accurate costing our serviceman would need to speak with you to arrange a time to inspect the property and to provide a firm written quote.

Insulation Installed In Roof Cavity

Insulation Installed In Roof Cavity