Gutter Cleaning FAQs

How Does Gutter Cleaning Work?

Our serviceman cleans out the gutters and valleys removing leaf matter. We will also flush out downpipes if required to ensure water flows properly. Light tree trimming will also be done where branches are sitting in the gutters because it may prevent stormwater from flowing away.

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What happens to the leaves and dirt
you remove?

Debris removed from the gutters, valleys, roof area or downpipes during a roof clean is removed from the site in bags and bins, by our specialised serviceman.

Are the gutters the only area you clean?

Our serviceman will clean gutters, roof valleys and remove any debris that is sitting on the roof. Gutters are flushed out if there is fine sediment and filters on rain water tanks cleaned to allow better water flow. He can also provide a quote to clean the roof if required, using high pressure water jets.

Can a gutter clean be done if we have
gutter guard fitted?

Our serviceman can attend to a gutter cleaning if the clip in type gutterguard is installed however an additional charge may be applied due to the extra time the work will take reinstalling the product. If a permanent type of gutterguard is installed and attached to the roof gutterline and valley areas we often will vacuum up the debris that sits on top and flush out gutters with water (as much as is possible) but we do not usually remove the permanent mesh to clean under.

How Often Should You Do Gutter Cleaning?

That is totally dependent on the amount of trees around your property and the type of leaves. If you live in a bushland setting we would generally suggest a roof clean on a 6 monthly basis however many clients will have gutter vacuuming done on a 12 monthly basis.

Leaves and Birds Nests In a Gutter

Leaves and Birds Nests In a Gutter