Bees FAQs

Can you remove bees in a wall or tree cavity?

If bees are entering the cavity of a tree or the wall of your property we have servicemen who can be of assistance. They will either eradicate the hive or if possible evacuate the hive & then seal off the area where the bees have been entering. A 3 month free service period usually applies to these treatments.

What do I do if bees are swarming?

Swarming bees form a ball of living animals that may be the size of a football with the queen in the middle. We recommend that you leave the bees alone and stay away from the area. Also ensure that other people stay away from the swarm because many people are allergic to bee stings. The bees will usually move on within 24 hours. If the problem persists or the swarm is in a high pedestrian area please give us a call & we will advise as necessary.

I have found a bee hive hanging from a branch, can you assist with bee pest control?

If the bees have built a visible honeycomb, and we can reach it, the bees and honeycomb can be removed by one of our experienced servicemen. Often we can relocate them back into a white bee hive box and remove them from the property.

What happens to the honey inside a wall or ceiling?

It usually dries out unless there is a very large amount. If it seeps out through walls or ceiling then it should be removed after the bee control is completed. This involves cutting large holes in walls and scraping out the honey and honeycomb, a very messy job but unavoidable if a nest has been allowed to get established for several years. This is an additional job we can quote to do if needed. We recommend bees are removed immediately from house cavities to avoid this problem.

Bee Swarm

Bee Swarm